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Parallel Computing Solutions is a value-added reseller and integrator focused on helping customers leverage the SRC Computers platform to accelerate beyond Moore's law.


    SRC Computers is a Proud Member
    of the HP Pathfinder Innovation Ecosystem

    “HP Moonshot System’s high-density packaging coupled with integrated network capability
    provides the perfect platform to enable HP Pathfinder Innovation Ecosystem partners to
    deliver cutting edge technology to the Hyperscale market. SRC Computers is excited to bring
    its history of delivering paradigm-shifting, high-performance, low-power, reconfigurable
    processors to HP Project Moonshot’s vision of optimizing hardware for maximum application
    performance at lowest TCO

    – Jon Huppenthal, CEO of SRC Computers LLC.

    SRC Computers is thrilled to be a partner in HP’s Pathfinder Innovation Ecosystem, showcasing our commitment to advancing data center technology innovation that helps customers realize the full potential of Project Moonshot. With over a decade of experience delivering orders of magnitude improvement in performance, size and power consumption over conventional microprocessor-based systems, SRC Computers is ideally positioned to utilize many of the interconnect and density features of HP’s Moonshot System. 

    SRC Computers is the only manufacturer of general-purpose dynamically reconfigurable computer systems that provides a tightly integrated ANSI standard high-level language programming environment thus simplifying application development and improving an already outstanding TCO.


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